Healthier new you

PUBLISHED: 00:16 07 January 2012 | UPDATED: 21:40 20 February 2013

Healthier new you

Healthier new you

Warwickshire's health professionals outline ten 'good intentions' to follow in 2012...

Healthier new you

Warwickshires health professionals outline ten good intentions to follow in 2012...

Its the turn of the year, and the traditional time stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood...and make some resolutions. But the best intentions often fall victim to reality, and the stresses and strains of ordinary life.

This year, NHS Warwickshire have published a ten point plan aimed at getting you off the treadmill of broken promises and failed resolution. The trick to sticking to your resolution is to set achievable goals with benefits that will encourage you to remain on track in 2012 and beyond, says NHS Warwickshire.

Weve devised a list of the ten most effective New Years resolutions that we think you will be able to stick to. Some of them only require small changes to how you live your life, yet will have a hugely positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Quit smoking

Stopping smoking is the single most important intervention to improve health. Get help from NHS Stop Smoking Services. To find your local service call 0800 085 2917 or text LIFE to 80800.

Get fit

Exercising doesnt have to mean joining an expensive gym. Its recommended that you do 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Exercising with a friend or in a group can help keep you motivated.

Get your five a day

Fruit and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals and its recommended that five portions are eaten a day for your health.

Lose weight

Save takeaways and chocolates for an occasional treat and try to replace sugary, fatty and fried foods with lean meats and fresh fish, vegetables and fruit. Find out more on the Live Well section at

Drink less alcohol

The Chief Medical Officers guidelines on lower-risk drinking recommend men drink no more than 3-4 units daily and women no more than 2-3 units each day.

Get more sleep

Youll function better and be more alert if youve had eight hours sleep the night before.

Work/life balance

Developing interests outside of work can help reduce stress and improve productivity.

Look after sexual health

If you or your partner have had unprotected sex, contact your GP or your local GUM clinic to get tested for sexually transmitted infections.

Drink more water

Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps keep your skin hydrated, your body functioning well and flushes out any toxins.

Get the right treatment

If you do fall ill, make sure you access the right health service to help you. If its not an emergency, call Warwickshire Healthline on 03000 247 111.

For more information on how to stay fit and healthly in the new year, visit

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