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PUBLISHED: 11:08 15 June 2009 | UPDATED: 15:06 20 February 2013

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Anna Mason looks at how to lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

Anna Mason looks at how to lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

Losing body fat, losing extra weight, dropping a dress size, losing inches, call it what you will, achieving your desired weight on the scales can be difficult and frustrating.

If weight loss is not your thing that's fine, maybe you would simply like to be more healthy by making improvements around how frequently you eat and what you eat or perhaps you would like to gain weight by eating healthy foods.

Well you can, this is a diet for life plan, nothing faddy here, it is simple and uses foods that are readily and easily available. This is a great way of eating for health, it's easy and if you do want to drop a dress size then it will help.

Some of us get caught up in emotional eating and run for the fridge, the biscuit tin, the hunk of bread and cheese when there is a blip in stress levels. Does this sound familiar?

Well if it does you are not alone. This sort of stress eating affects many people, mostly women! Work out those stresses in your life. Very often they are small and ridding yourself of those minor irritations, those energy thieves, can be wonderfully liberating.

Addressing those issues means there is nothing to get in your way, you can go ahead and lose weight in a healthy, wholesome fashion.

The secret is eating low GI foods. GI stands for Glycemic Index and is a measure of the impact of food on your blood sugar. Foods with a high GI tend to quickly raise your body's blood sugar levels, by contrast foods with a low GI will raise them more slowly and over a longer period, thus staving off the hunger

To ensure you are successful with your weight loss it would help to plan your meals and snacks until this alteration in your eating habit becomes effortless. Be well organised, create a shopping list and stock the fridge. There is nothing fancy here at all just good basic fresh food. The foods you will be eating are the foods you buy mostly from the outside isles of the supermarket with just a couple of dives into the cereal isle for porridge and oatcakes, the mainstay of your menu will be fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh meat and fish and natural yogurts. Ordinary tea and coffee can affect the hormone levels so just a couple of cups of either daily, without sugar of course. Drink loads of water and caffeine-free teas.

Breakfast suggestions

Porridge with handful of fresh berries or raisins or sultanas or half melon (not water melon) with handful berries and a dollop of natural yogurt or two poached eggs, two rashers of baconand a grilled tomato asx a weekend treat.

Lunch suggestions

Large mixed salad with protein of your choice (chicken, ham, tuna etc) and a dessertspoon of full fat dressing.

Evening meal

Lots of green vegetable (the greener the better as they contain less sugar) with protein of your choice.

Snacks (you are allowed two a day)

Couple of oat cakes with a thin slice of ham or smear of cheese on top or small carton of natural yogurt or bowl of berries or bowl of crudités (without the dip).

To drink

At least two litres of water daily, as much caffeine free tea as you choose, a couple of cups of tea or coffee.

Top Tips

Be organised if you intend to succeed, make sure you have the right foods in, you can't go wrong and won't be tempted by the biscuit tin. Remember the way you are eating now is just a habit that has formed over time. It takes thirty days to break a habit so stick with it. This is a diet for life so, in fact, less of a diet and more of a style of eating, it can be done anywhere as it does not require any special diet foods. Embrace it and you will be set for life, having reached your target weight, introduce oats, grains, rice, and more sugary fruits and vegetables you will learn how to manage your weight and eat a good, healthy, balanced diet. Now make up your mind to do it and go get that shopping!

You can learn more about the "All About You" diet for life programmes by contacting Anna on 07778 218009 or by e-mail or visit

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