Warwickshire Life Guide Dog Puppy: Archie

PUBLISHED: 16:54 01 August 2011 | UPDATED: 19:42 20 February 2013

Warwickshire Life Guide Dog Puppy: Archie

Warwickshire Life Guide Dog Puppy: Archie

Debbie Graham catches up on the progress of our guide dog, Archie, and his sister Jinny, also in training.

Do you remember back in March we published a letter from Laura Hubble who lives in Quinton, Birmingham, with her parents, Ann and Bill, and Archies sister Jinny?

Well we thought it was about time we caught up with them to see how Jinny was doing. And the answer is very well and now at the age of ten months Jinny like Archie, is almost ready to begin the next stage of her training and become a fully fledged member of the grown up Guide Dog society.

Jinny now understands all commands that Guide Dogs need her to know at this stage such as sit, down, stand, wait, stay, straight on, no, off and leave, says Laura proudly. She is now also learning to wait at doorways, finding exits and stairs and how to do stairs in order to indicate to her owner where and when they are. What a class swot.

Jinny is their first Guide Dog puppy and the decision came after their own dog passed away two years ago.

Ive always grown up with dogs and I wanted another dog but where I didnt have to make such a long term commitment as I dont think I could go through losing a dog again.

There will, though, be a few tears when Jinny graduates to a training school in a few months time.

Ill miss Jinny, shes so special and changed my life so much since we lost our last dog, Sal. I know shes going to make a huge difference to someone elses life and thats what makes her special and makes the thought of her going easier. Of course therell be tears but mainly of joy, I hope.

Jinny, like brother Archie, took a couple of days to settle at the beginning, but apart from that shes been very well behaved, evidently not quite as mischievous as her brother.

Laura says: She is a lovely little girl, very loving and caring but can be a little bit cheeky at times, however she has never chewed anything except her own toys! Hear that Archie?

However, like Archie, she has a very cheeky grin, and a need to greet visitors at the door with a huge waggy tail welcome, although now, again like Archie, she has calmed down. It must be the growing up factor and the realisation in reality visitors are not that exciting.

One of her favourite outings, though, are visits to the local junior school where she sits and listens to the children read once a week.
Her best friend is Sox, Lauras house rabbit, although to begin with she had misgivings.

When Jinny first met him she didnt know what to do and just watched him. Hes her boss. Theyre very funny to watch, its like Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins, says Laura.

And has puppy walking lived up to her expectations?

I love puppy walking, its so rewarding and I know Jinny will play a huge part in changing someones life, and she says they are all hoping to do it all again in the future.

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