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PUBLISHED: 17:00 17 March 2014 | UPDATED: 09:33 18 March 2014

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers


As a health coach, Andrea Bayles is often working with her clients to help them determine how they can cook more often and use strategies that get dinner on the table quickly and easily.

Assorted sweet peppersAssorted sweet peppers

Most of us don’t have time to make elaborate meals during the week. We’re too busy and way too tired by the time we get home at the end of the day, and the idea of spending a couple of hours working in the kitchen is not appealing. The secret is to think ahead and only have to make one or two simple items, like tossing a salad, steaming a vegetable or cooking a whole grain side dish.

However, most of us have time to cook on Sunday, and it’s a great way to have a wonderful family meal that everyone can look forward to. You can then use the leftovers for meals on Monday and possibly Tuesday too.

This Sunday, I am making my youngest son’s favourite meal, stuffed green peppers. The leftovers will be a delicious lunch for me tomorrow, and my sons will have the leftovers when they return home for dinner.

I will also make a large tossed salad that will carry over to tomorrow’s lunch and dinner, to which I can add some feta cheese or, easier still, a can of chick peas. If I have time, I’ll make lentil dahl or a pot of soup that will be great for a couple of meals.

Those time or patience poor can rely on relatively simple and easy meals like Thai curry, or roast chicken and steamed vegetables.

My motto is “cook once, eat three times”. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s so convenient to reuse and simplify meals, saving time, effort and money. Plus, a lot of meals taste better the next day!


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