2012 Christmas Quiz answers

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2012 Christmas Quiz answers

2012 Christmas Quiz answers

Congratulations to Margaret Anderson who was chosen as winner of the 2012 Christmas Quiz

1. According to legend what occurred in Wellesbourne in May 1140 that damaged several buildings and killed a woman?
c) Tornado

2. What was first made in Coventry in 1870?
b) English bicycle

3. Which Warwickshire village was a centre for needle-making during the 19th century?
b) Studley

4. Where did the Adela Pankhurst, daughter of the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, study?
a) Studley Horticultural and Agricultural College for Women

5. What did Joseph Arch found in Wellesbourne in 1872?
c) The first trade union for agricultural workers

6. Which war does the phrase sent to Coventry apparently originate from?
a) The English Civil War

7. Who is it thought met her death in 60/61AD at the Battle of Watling Street?
b) Boudica

8. Who was Olivia Serres, or Princess Olive as she wanted to be known?
a) An impostor from Warwick who claimed she was the daughter of Duke of Cumberland

9. What did Frank Whittle build at the British Thomson-Houston Works in Rugby?
b) Jet engine

10. Who was Lady Godiva married to?
b) Leofric, Earl of Mercia

11. Where did the gun powder plotters wait in 1605 for the news that Guy Fawkes had succeeded in his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament?
c) The Red Lion Inn, Dunchurch

12. Where was the hat the billycock, which was worn by slaves, predominantly made?
a) Atherstone

13. Following the Battle of Bosworth, the penultimate battle in the War of the Roses, who was crowned king?
b) Henry VII

14. Which 19th century British prime minister owned Hampton Manor of Hampton-in-Arden?
b) Robert Peel

15. In 1978 Olympic Show jumper Nick Skelton from Alcester broke the British equestrian high jump record set by Don Beard in 1937, riding Lastic. How high did they jump?
c) Seven feet seven inches

16. In which event did Paralympian James Roe from Stratford-upon-Avon win gold this summer?
b) Rowing

17. Which football team plays at Damson Park?
a) Solihull Moors

18. When did tennis player Maud Watson from Berkswell become the first ladies singles champion at Wimbledon?
c) 1884

19. In what event did Basil Heathley from Kenilworth win an Olympic silver medal in 1964?
a) Athletics

20. When did Warwickshire county cricketer Dennis Leslie Amiss make his test debut for England?
a) 1966

21. Where were the modern rules of lawn tennis drawn up in 1874?
b) Leamington Spa

22. Where was actress Felicity Kendal born?
c) Solihull

23. Which EastEnders star has a house in Southam?
a) Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale)

24. What is this years pantomime at Bedworth Civic Hall?
c) Cinderella

25. Where did Solihull-born actress Stephanie Cole train?
b)Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

26. How old was Shakespeare when he died?
b) 52

27. Which composer composed the War Requiem for the consecration of Coventry Cathedral in 1962?
a) Edward Benjamin Britten

28. Which 19th century Warwickshire, railway junction became the setting for Charles Dickenss story Mugby Junction?
a) Rugby

29. What did Charles Edward Flower found in 1879?
a) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

30. What was Richard (Dicky) Spender, old boy of Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon, famous as?
c) A poet

31. What famous hymn is it rumoured former slave ship captain and Anglican clergyman John Newton wrote at Kineton in 1772?
a) Amazing Grace

32. When Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot) moved to London in 1851, which newspaper did she work for?
b) The Westminster Review

33. Which Roald Dahl story did the RSC produce as a musical that premiered in Stratford-upon-Avon in November 2010?
b) Matilda

34. How long is the Coventry Canal?
a) 38 miles

35. How many priest holes does Baddesley Clinton have?
b) Three

36. Which Warwickshire church is the oldest?
c) St Peters Church in Wooton Wawen

37. Which town did Warwickshire gain from Worcestershire in 1931?
b) Shipston-on-Stour

38. Which monarch gave Leamington Spa its Royal prefix?
b) Queen Victoria

39. How many major canals run through Warwickshire?
b) Four

40. How many arches does Chesterton Windmill have?
b) Six

41. Where is the Guide Dogs Training School in Warwickshire?
c) Leamington Spa

42. What anniversary did the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts celebrate this year?
c) 100th

43. The word Avon is an Anglicisation of the Welsh word afon which means what?
a) River

44. How many counties have borders with Warwickshire?
Due to an error and the correct answer not being an option within the magazine, question 44 has was omitted from the quiz

45. When was the Royal Show first held at Stoneleigh Park?
a) 1968

46. The name Shipston comes from the Old English word Scepwaeisctune, which means what?
c) Sheep wash town

47. What is the main ingredient of Coventry Godcakes, apart from pastry?
a) Mincemeat

48. Who headlined the 2012 Stratford-upon-Avon Food Festival?
c) The Fabulous Baker Brothers

49. What is a Dumpsie Dearie?
a) A jam

50. The Heart of England Fine Foods organisation covers six counties; Warwickshire, Birmingham and the Black Country, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and which other?
a) Staffordshire

Congratulations to Margaret Anderson who was chosen as winner of the 2012 Christmas Quiz

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